Clusters4Future Projects


The goal of the Cluster is to network regional, national and international players from Economy, Science and Society in the joint project and to use the combined competencies to transfer hydrogen technologies from research and development to real world application.

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Fuel cell Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoLyze targets the requirements for the dynamics of electrolysis in renewable energy systems.



Hydrogen pipeline Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoNets creates coated and fiber-reinforced embrittlement-resistant pipelines for hydrogen transport.



Hydrogen pipeline and catalyst Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoSep designs electrochemical membrane reactors for the supply of hydrogen from the natural gas grid.



Hydrogen tank in a car Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoTank targets strain field monitoring by fiber-based sensors for service life prediction.



Fuel cell Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HYInnoPEM develops a model predictive control considering the state of health as a major influence.



A fuel cell and a house Copyright: © Clusters4Future

Preparing SOFC-based mCHPs for operation with increasing hydrogen content in the gas grid.



Hydrogen combustion engine Copyright: © Clusters4Future

Demonstration eines innovativen Wasserstoff-Verbrennungsmotors für zukünftige CO2-neutrale Mobilität.



Industrial gas burner Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoBurn creates optimized, scalable and fuel flexible industrial gas burners based on experimental and simulative results.



Methanol synthesis reactor Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoChem develops a dynamic methanol synthesis reactor based on H2 from water electrolysis powered by wind and CO2 from biogas.



Fuel cell Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoCells creates porous transport layers for electrochemical cells with optimized properties.



Hydrogen market icon Copyright: © Clusters4Future

HyInnoSys targets the technology-accompanying and strategic orientation for hydrogen market preparation and intersectoral connection.