More projects


Here you will find ongoing and already completed projects of our members on the topic of hydrogen.

Longrun Development of an efficient and environmentally friendly LONG distance poweRtrain for heavy trucks and coaches.

Redifuel Robust and efficient processes and technologies for renewable drop-in fuels for road transport.

Kopernikus P2X Developing technological and economic solutions for the transformation of the energy system jointly by science, industry and civil society.

SeLv Developing a modular powertrain for trucks with integrated fuel cell system
smartVessel Use of fiber composite plastic for the production of pressure vessels

Energie System 2050 investigates the integration of key technology elements into the energy system and develops solutions

Carbon2Chem Basic research on low-emission steel production

BioSC Research for a sustainable bioeconomy

NAMOSYN Development and production of various synthetic fuels and their production routes and evaluation of these under ecological, economic and social aspects

BREEZE! Compact fuel cell for electric vehicles

X-EMU Development and validation of a high-performance fuel cell drive for hybrid EMU multiple units in a modular traction system

TTgoesH2 Integration of hydrogen as a climate-neutral energy carrier in industrial and commercial thermoprocessing (AiF IGF lead technology)

FLOX-2 Development of a novel combustion system

BioH2Ref Hydrogen upgrading of biogas by steam reforming

ZeroCO2Glas Development of a new type of hydrogen-fired glass melting furnace with the aim of CO2-neutral container glass production

H2 dezentral Study on the opportunities and challenges of decentralized hydrogen structures

Hy3 Large-scale hydrogen production from offshore wind to decarbonize Dutch and German industry