Modules with hydrogen reference

  Students in the lecture room Copyright: © Heinz Müller  

With a broad and interesting range of research opportunities, the Center for Sustainable Hydrogen Systems and the associated institutes prepare you for a career in the hydrogen industry.

All lectures in the bachelor's and master's program are practice-oriented. In the bachelor's program, you will learn the fundamentals of engineering and attend lectures on the various areas of the hydrogen industry. After the fifth semester, you will choose specializations in which you will specialize.

Depending on the course of study, the hydrogen-related modules vary. Because the subject area surrounding hydrogen is so extensive, the Center offers the opportunity to gain insights into numerous specialist areas and particularly promotes interdisciplinary cooperation among the institutes. Especially due to the expansion of hydrogen as an alternative energy source, experience and knowledge are in high demand. For this reason, a specialization in this topic will also be introduced in the Master of Mechanical Engineering in the foreseeable future. In the master's program, you will then deepen and specialize even more deeply in certain topics.


Lectures and Seminars

Here you will find information on the lectures and seminars already offered by institutes of the RWTH on the topic of hydrogen. The courses are offered either in the summer or winter semester.